April 20, 2014

This week in pictures | April 14-20, 2014

Spring Break has come to an end.  Lots of highs/lows.  It's been eventful.  

Forever grateful for our new pediatric ENT.  Portia is unplugged and all is good in my her world:

Springs first dinner on the deck:

after we gave it good shower:

Finally enjoying the lights from when David strung them late last summer:

Water table also got a good wash:

David keeps forgetting that one of three light bulbs is burnt:

The kids LOVE eating outside:

It's a Spring Break staycation when packaged frozen foods is supplemented into our diet:


For our day at Adventure City!
Section outside the park reserved for cheap Moms who pack lunches:

Adventure City

Not my speed:

More my speed:

New additions to our garden.  Can't wait!

Waterproof.  Lasts up to seven days.  Darn:

Adventure City

Looks like they're laying something else besides eggs.  Staging a perfect photo session once again:

"Do you eat bugs?"

Adventure City

Mist zombie:

Adventure City

And I thought miniature golf would be fun:

Castle Park

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Big Rig Tour is...:

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Big Rig Tour


Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Big Rig Tour

Hello, my name is:

Cooking classroom menu: Fish, Made Easy.  Truman and I made baked white fish and broccoli!

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution cooking class

Dear Jamie Oliver,
My kid still doesn't eat broccoli.
Mom of a picky green-eater

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution cooking class

Lego art exhibit, A Million and One Pieces by David Tracy at Forest Lawn Museum.  We like to roam cemeteries:

A Million and One Pieces by David Tracy

Splash of Color lamps.  The name says it all:

A Million and One Pieces by David Tracy

Hearts, hearts:

Sew L.A.

And more hearts in Atwater Village!!

My cousins live in a LOVEly, interesting, eccentric part of L.A.:

Atwater Village

Just been informed that two of three kids will need braces.  David is loosing sleep:

Failed attempt to dye Easter eggs the natural way.  "Saving face" by leaving the after picture out.
Top-cayenne, chili powder, turmeric, paprika
Bottom-ginger powder, black tea, soy sauce

Natural dyed easter eggs

Easter at the Alexs with Charlie Chan!!

No chocolate for him.  He would've liked my peanut M&M bunny mix chocolate chip cookies:

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours:

And the golden egg goes to...:

Happy "Easter" Weekend

(Click here if you want to see more David Tracy lego lamps from A Million and One Pieces!)

A Million And One Pieces by David Tracy

It's no surprise David and the boys LOVE Lego.  You say Lego art exhibit and they come running.  Not long ago we viewed Nathan Sawaya's The Art of Brick at Forest Lawn Museum.  Back again now filling a smaller but creative space presents A Million And One Pieces by David Tracy.

A Million And One Pieces by David Tracy

Highlight for me was lighting created entirely of Lego.  I'm TOTALLY infatuated with lamps now:

A Million And One Pieces by David Tracy

David estimates 2000-3000 pieces to make one of Tracy's Splash of Color lamps for Portia's room.  Get started babe!!

Splash of Color by David Tracy

April 14, 2014

This week in pictures | April 7-13, 2014

Shoe size 7 1/2 and growing (sigh):

H&M kitty shoes

Freshly baked sighting right before boot(y) camp.  Waahhh!

Fresh baked bagels

Boot(y) camp is the best.  Public park childcare and the class is FREE!

Like FREE ice cream on FREE Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's:

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

Some things are worth waiting for:

Free Cone Day line for Ben & Jerrys

Not FREE but worth every penny:

Yogurtland toppings

Lounging with bottomless milk.  The life!!!

"Mommy, I put a toy up my nose," landed us at the doctor's office:

On cloud nine to see her pediatrician as always.  Really!!???

I'd much rather be checking out the new HomeGoods store across the way:

 They sent us over to an ENT doctor.  It was SCARY:

I MEAN really SCARY!!!

New T-shirt to add to David's THIRTY-some Pet Shop Boys fan club/concert cotton drawer:

Lauren's 3rd birthday at Kidspace Museum:

Kidspace Museum

Do you think we'd rather be at Coachella?? No Way!!

Kidspace Museum

He called this thing a "robo-saurus":

Lauren and her family always throw the BEST parties!!

Kidspace Museum

Skipped church again.  Made up for it by doing Lental devotions led by Truman himself:

First time using Rub 'n Buff.  I like it!

Rub 'n Buff

Second time doing drop-off at a birthday party.  I DON'T like it (sniff, sniff):


Pretty Edgy by Essie:

Scissors and paper while I cook dinner:

Spring brings anticipation:

Egg dying:

The metallic rose/gold kind:

and so much LIGHT!!!

Happy "bright" weekend!