July 28, 2014

This week in pictures | July 21-27, 2014

My heart melts for them:

Vacation Bible School will teach her a lesson (or two):

Tickles every time:

"Can you put more avocados on this one?"

Truman is an avocado lover like his mama:

Moms with good common sense take their kids to the park in 95 degree weather:

Not sure what's more fun, swimming in our pool or Slip 'N Sliding at Michael's across the street.

Thank you Wendy for taking this SLICK shot!!

The most colorful trash:

The most colorful peacock:

Not to old for time out:

LOVE her soooooo much:

The kids can survive on sushi rice bowls alone:

Dreamy at Amy's house:

From daytime swims:

to nighttime soccer shots, it was a BLAST!!

The only lefty in the group...again:

Swimming and Pokemon at Felipe's casa:

Night out with old friends (18 years!!!!).  Some of us (including me!) are turning 40 this year.  YIKES!!!

Comparing retinol creams and whitening toothpastes over lattes are what 40 something women talk about at 12:30 a.m.:


Toes and Lego:


A lazy susan dinner.  We are in Monterey Park with my Dad:

Greenfield restaurant

Isn't it obvious???

Happy weekend!!!

July 20, 2014

This week in pictures | July 14-20, 2014

Truman HATES being the center of attention.  

Mr. B asked him to come stand in front of the WHOLE class:

so they could sing Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

Peanut butter and jelly SPRINKLES!!

Presley has been asking to take art class since winter.  Finally making it happen this summer:

Waiting for Joanna at the park while she's home doing laundry.  We goofed!!!

Tasty, greasy, unhealthy snacks at the farmers market - spiral cut potato chips on a stick.  The kids picked the cinnamon sugar topping:

Soft-serve from an ice cream truck.  Summer makes me say yes:

Another session of mommy and me swim lessons make me say NO!!!

Croissant bagel.  Just about the most delightful carb I ate this week!

Wondering what she wished for:

Jet pack that's out of this world:

I LOVE trying new rice.  This one has to be one of my favorites!

Through the steam lies whole grain medley of brown rice, rye, bulgur, wheat, red quinoa, and wild rice:

Oliver, you left your necklace at the park:

Sidewalk trail of concrete tree stencils:

Mama fish and her babies:

Truman also makes food art.  He calls this masterpiece, The Mask Who Stole My Potato Chips:

Real men eat chili cheese fries:

They also wear matching men's underwear to bed:

Leftover red, spicy drippings.  Can only be Korean food:

David is stringing more lights on the deck.  He would have been an excellent lighting landscape designer:

Brainstorming meeting:

to design a cardboard box car prototype:

Ultimate ice cream cake made of ice cream sandwiches layered with drumstick.  Hooray for summer birthdays!!!

Happy "National Ice Cream Day" Weekend!

July 13, 2014

This week in pictures | July 7-13, 2014

Your move:

Spent the afternoon with one year old Logan.  He weighs more than Truman:

The only good thing about where David works is the slew of Asian bakeries:

Driveway mess.  Uuuggghhh!!

from our palm tree.  More uuuggghhh!!

Wet note that reads, "I already bought tea this morning, may I pretty please have a refill" 

I hope he/she said YES!

Swim lessons in progress:

Her pigtails look better wet than dry:

Daddy and me lunch.  David was home to have lunch with Portia mid-week. I love the responses he gets when he asks her how swim lessons were:

Someone rear-ended us.  I don't want to talk about it:

Thursday evening with Mike Kelley at the The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA!!

Artsie fartsies:

Close your eyes and take it ALL in:

So fitting for these three:

What I look like without my makeup on:

David rolls his eyes when I talk about Enrique Iglesius:

Always a waiting game when you have siblings:

Hilltop homes remind me of when my family briefly lived on a golf course in Bel Air:

Throw everything on the BBQ and VOILA!

Truman woke up to a balloon trail:

 that led to his birthday celebration!!

Eight presents for eight years.  I told him he's only getting ONE present next year:

We spent the day at Wonder of DINOSAURS!!

Some highlights included digging for fossils:

Riding dinosaurs on wheels:

Climbing volcanoes:

Watching cute babies hatch:

But soon it all became a prehistoric nightmare!!!

We took a break to have lunch at P.F. Changs:

Big mistake to bring in our Chinese infused doggy bag:

We made it out in one piece and had a Happy "amazed" Weekend!!!