January 30, 2015

Same fence, different tights

Now at four years old, Portia is becoming very self-sufficient being able to pull on her tights and dress herself most mornings.  It's one less thing off my...making breakfast, packing lunches, wrangling the boys into the bathroom to brush their teeth and get them off to school...a.m. duties list.

Her "dresses and tights" phase right now is so feminine and girly.  She's definitely her mother's daughter.

January 25, 2015

This week in pictures | Jan 19-25, 2014

So far, 2015 has been GOOD to me:

She is 4 years and 6 days old today:

They bake cakes at preschool:

Her FUNfetti moment finally happened!!

Letter of the day is "P", obviously:

She had snow on her day:

and received a deluxe foot massage:

Birthday cake is best served warm:


KIDS EAT FREE Wednesday nights at Maria's Italian Kitchen!!! Then I found out only two kids per table.  WHAT!!??

A parallel universe at Limekiln Canyon Park:

Venturing through land:

and water:

Major boys weekend:

With games:


and miniature golf:

This lucky guy got HER all weekend:

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

More pics from our day at Limekiln Canyon Park!

January 23, 2015

SOCAL OUTINGS | Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

I'm still astounded at all the different hiking trails in the Valley.  I love not having to take the freeway and being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Limekiln Canyon Park is right in our backyard.  It's a perfect kid-friendly trail to hike and picnic.  The kids get a little of everything: hills, streams, and lots of outdoor areas to run around (what every Mom looks for!).  

It's nature's playground:

Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

Prepare for water (we weren't!).  We came home with soaked shoes and soggy socks!

Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

Plus brown, soiled bums:

Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

"Stand still!" Two out of three is better than nothing:

Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

Working out other parts of the body:

Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

The day would not be complete without one Hui tantrum:

Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

My favorite spot of the trail:

Limekiln Canyon Park, Porter Ranch

Now that Limekiln Canyon Park is on our "favorite trails list", we'll be back often...and with extra pair of shoes and socks!

Limekiln Canyon Park
19585 Rinaldi St.
Porter Ranch, CA 91326

January 18, 2015

This week in pictures | Jan 12-18, 2014

What's trending on my nails...looks like a garden hose:

A bar stool:

and a Starbucks straw:

Non-biodegradable pile.  David should be ashamed of himself:


Oreos for breakfast:

"Happy 9th Birthday Alana".  That's what the cake said when I picked it up:

Portia is 4!!!!

Flowers from Dad:

Flowers from Mom:

Bike from Dad and Mom.  

Went from good:

to bad...in seconds:

"I want to eat dinner at Cheese Factory," says the birthday girl:

Cheesecake Factory

View from our booth.  Restaurants taking over shopping mall real estate.  Takes getting used to:


She was!!

Cheesecake Factory

Pretty soon I'll be looking up at her:

Three(+) hour detox with Joanna:

The purse did it:

KNEES UP! Their comfy spot at grand pa's:

Wishing Dad and Jade would get here soon.  The cart maids are having trouble understanding my Chinese!

Eye-opener for the kids:

Hope you had a blessed weekend!

January 12, 2015

SOCAL OUTINGS | Van Nuys Airport Observation Area

One of the best things about having mommy friends is they bring you on new adventures and take you places you've never been before.  We had a play date at the Van Nuys Airport Observation Area during the holiday staycation.  Ten minutes from our home and how have we never been here?? 

There's a play area small enough to contain pint size kids and big enough to bring bikes/scooters/big wheels to ride around:

Van Nuys Airport Observation Area

Listen to the loud speaker playing air traffic control information.  Kids can then watch the planes take off and land while imagining themselves doing the same thing on their own mini painted runway:

Van Nuys Airport Observation Area

Cut out boards make for great photo ops!

Van Nuys Airport Observation Area

Picnic tables and benches are available to have lunch and snacks.  I was too busy with Mommy Talk to take those pictures! Thanks Stacy and Melissa for a beautiful afternoon!!

Van Nuys Airport Observation Area
16398 Waterman Drive
Van Nuys, CA 91406