September 21, 2014

This week in pictures | Sept 15-21, 2014

Only a few pictures this week.  I got caught up in the daily grind to remember to capture the little moments. Will do better next week...

Feeling OVERWHELMED.  David bought me a new computer!!

Feeling UNDERWHELMED.  Uninspiring arts & crafts:

at the YMCA...and washable markers are not really washable:

Joanna is my hero.  She gives the BEST mom advice:

Mid-weekly fix.  I don't like when David scoops orange bears:


Tea time with the girls:

Chado Tea

I want new dishes BADLY!!


 Love Lucite:

Medicine cabinet.  Before...yuck:

Medicine cabinet.  After...yay:

Getting in the mood for Halloween:

Sunday supper:


My birthday wish is the same every year:

Beautiful warm night with my family.  Gosh, I'm truly lucky!!!

Happy "blessed" weekend!!

September 15, 2014

This week in pictures | Sept 8-14, 2014

Still in the honeymoon phase with my crock pot:

Window shopping:

Mooncakes to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival

We had a lantern parade this year:

Mid-Autumn Festival

I suck at taking night time shots:

Mid-Autumn Festival

But this one turned out good!

Mid-Autumn Festival

Getting gussied up for picture day:

Missing their mates:

When David brings me home Yogurtland its fun to see what color gummy bears he scoops up:


I recently read that in other countries with academically successful children, the parents don't do sh*t for the school:

With that being said, I'm assembling homework packets in Truman's class:

Picking out nail color:

Birthday brunch with my favorite girl and guy:

David always assembles the best flower arrangements:

Portia picked these out for me:

One alchy and four virgins:

How we do Happy Hour!!

Palm Springs!!

View from our hotel room:

Wilma & Frieda's for brunch (thanks Jade for the recommendation!):

and baby back ribs for dinner:

S P L A S H:

...T O P I A:

Letting them eat sugary cereal for breakfast is a sure sign we're on vacation:

Hotel baths give them the giggles:

My happily ever after:

Happy "Mom is 40" weekend!

September 07, 2014

This week in pictures | Sept 1-7, 2014

Two down:

Lots more to go:

When you open a carton of eggs and there's just enough for each to have a hard boil egg:

Everyone is happy:

Preserve the life of your swimsuits.  Never put them in the dryer:

Back to preschool:

Spent under $100 at Target.  It is possible:


MPH = Miss Portia Hui

Gray matter:

Prefers cone but eats like it's in a cup:

Thinking of Portia.  She would have gone crazy for these Hello Kitty golf clubs:


In search of moon festival decorations:

Out of luck:

Bug off:

Blast off:


Happy weekend!