December 14, 2014

This week in pictures | Dec 8-14, 2014

Bang trim:

Bang trim

Finding Jesus:

Frohe Weihnachten! Weissellas are back.  David bought me 4 boxes:



He also delivers good tidings:

Daiso Christmas loot

Mama bear and baby cub:

Stay-at-home-mom has stay-at-home-date-night:

Persian food

What the real Santa's workshop looks like:

LEGO Santa's workshop

Wrapping one of three birthday presents this weekend:

Kids dance lesson:

Cosmic bowling

Adults dance lesson:

She's a natural:

Glow stick helmet:

Glow stick helmet

I secretly LOVE taking home centerpieces:

Boy cave:

RV Arcade Recreational Video Game Vehicle

1,003 (yogurtland) picture of me indulging on the couch while the kids are out.  It's heaven:


Happy "party" weekend!

December 08, 2014

This week in pictures | Dec 1-7, 2014

Dry day:

Wet day:

Rainy day facial:

Stormy weather calls for matzo ball soup. 
We took home Jason's Thanksgiving turkey carcass to make stock! 
Look at all that HARD fat skimmed right off the top.  Just refrigerate overnight!!

Turkey stock from Thanksgiving

Her first pair of rain boots:

Kmart Joe Boxer Youth Arcade Rain Boot

She sliced her own bananas!

Pancakes with banana slices

Right after she helped me stuff holiday envelopes:

Shutterfly photo holiday card

Blue balloon:

that went into space:

Making elves:

Michael's kids club

We put hooks through them and hung them on our tree:

School friends:

Catered adult food (minus pizza) at a kids birthday party.  It's a treat!!

But this was most certainly the ULTIMATE treat! Max is one lucky kid!!

Minecraft diamond sword birthday cake

Waiting to see Santa:

He comes with a big entourage:

Spot on or totally off?

Buy one, get one free poinsettias.  Feeling buyers regret:

I did, however, buy our beautiful 8 ft. noble fir tree for only $39.99! 

Whole Foods christmas tree


Needs more lights, needs more lights!!


I love our home during the holidays!!

Happy "decorating" weekend!!

November 30, 2014

This weeks in pictures | Nov 24-30, 2014

Thanksgiving vacation! Keeping busy while mommy sleeps in:

Eating dinner by candlelight.  The light bulb is out:

Week two of gel nails.  No chipped polish!!

David has a new monthly subscription:

brick builders club

Christmas comes early:

Face time:

Movie time.  We went to see Big Hero 6.  Presley held my arm the whole time:

Can't wait...despite bad press:

Fifty Shades of Grey

Holiday pictures took place in the wilderness:


Lots of good lighting.  It was 80F!!:

I got a few great shots to work with and can't wait to share:


"Happy Thanksgiving Mario!" he said.
"Happy Thanksgiving Mario!" she said.
"Happy Thanksgiving Mario!" he said.

The future:

Outdoor Thanksgiving at Jade's!!!

Handling the goods:

Juicy and tender!

Blessed and bountiful!

Midnight curfew:

Portia's first time bowling:

Corbin Bowl

David showing her how it's done:

Corbin Bowl

Arcade fun:

 Udon done right.  Thanks babe!


Countdown to Christmas:

One present down, much more to go:

It's beginning to look a lot like winter...:

1 coat, 1 pant, and 2 sweaters got new replacements:

Love a reason to wear my rain boots:

Happy "rainy" weekend!