April 12, 2015

This week in pictures | Apr 6-12, 2015

Here are a few snaps of our week!

Cholesterol levels have gone up since Easter:

hard boil eggs



All day:

All night:

My favorite drive-thru:

Agoura HILLS!

We visited Paramount Ranch for the first time:

I LOVE the smell of horses.  Kids disagree:

We forgot our cowboy hats:

They have lots of hiking trails.  We picked the wrong one.  It was scary!

Finally, someone to share salads with me.  I knew I had a daughter for a reason:

Trampoline nights:

Clean car! Now I owe him 2 scoops of ice cream:

David got food poisoning!

Hope you had a healthy weekend!

April 05, 2015

This week in pictures | Mar 30-Apr 5, 2015

It's SPRING BREAK and these are just a few snapshots of our week!

First day:

Santa Monica beach park

We traveled west!

Santa Monica beach

...was NOT here :(

Santa Monica beach park

If we lived by the ocean:

Santa Monica beach park

we'd fit right in:

Santa Monica beach park

At it again:

Chicks in curry food art

Presley steals my phone:

so he can shoot/edit photos.  He heat mapped artwork:

His infrared filmed panda:

and his Duo-toned curtain:

He needs a haircut:

French toast fix before:

French toast

Picnicking (Liv Más!):

Limekiln Canyon park picnic

We saw rattle snacks!

Limekiln canyon park

She's getting tall:

Limekiln Canyon park

They're getting wet:

Limekiln Canyon park

Swinging in nature:

Limekiln Canyon park

My nail lady said I look young and fresh without make-up on:

Then the cashier told me he likes my shoes, "They're bright and they stand out."

It was a good morning:

They munch:

Spring carnival

They giggle:

Spring carnival

Taken right before our hands turned blue:

Dying Easter eggs


They got really into it this year:

Lots of late nights because WE COULD!


Easter egg hunting at the Condor Squadron:

Condor Squadron easter egg hunt

Easter bunny arrives by air!!

Condor Squadron easter egg hunt

Presley is fast on his feet:

Condor Squadron easter egg hunt

David bought me this necklace in Mazatlan when he proposed in 2004.  I never imagined I'd have a daughter who'd be wearing it one day:

Condor Squadron easter egg hunt

It was a SUPER day!

Condor Squadron easter egg hunt

Happy Easter and hope you had a fabulous week!

April 02, 2015

Messy play

Lately, I've been working on my OCD of all things messy art.  I detest the clean up more than anything.  But the kids have been glittering and gluing and even playing play-doh INSIDE the home. I even bought Presley a new art easel.  So what if it's from last Christmas and still in the box! I do plan on putting it together as soon as I buy the paint set and brushes. Scouts honor. 

Last week at preschool Portia brought her messy Easter egg project home.  Nooooooooo!!!

It all started with a spray coloring bag which later will serve as her Easter basket:

She's been really needy and having a hard time detaching from me at drop off.  Not sure why:

I mean she looked happy dying her Easter eggs:

Her tears flooded out the door when I left.  She was crying uncontrollably and that's when I got THEE call you never want to get from school while your parking your car at Target to buy medicine for your other kid who's at home with fever.

I picked her and her eggs up, came home, and thought what the heck am I going to do with this messy gloop? Preschool teachers always know what to do.  Bear had no answers for me either:

I felt like these eggs ruined my life (a little dramatic) and now I have to gently care for them in the most delicate way.  This pitty party host put on gloves, wiped them down, and uncovered Portia's sweetest marbleized eggs ever.

"Look at my art, Mama!" she said.

"Art is more fun when it's messy, huh!" I replied.

"Yes!" she answered.

Happy Easter!