April 14, 2014

This week in pictures | April 7-13, 2014

Shoe size 7 1/2 and growing (sigh):

H&M kitty shoes

Freshly baked sighting right before boot(y) camp.  Waahhh!

Fresh baked bagels

Boot(y) camp is the best.  Public park childcare and the class is FREE!

Like FREE ice cream on FREE Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's:

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

Some things are worth waiting for:

Free Cone Day line for Ben & Jerrys

Not FREE but worth every penny:

Yogurtland toppings

Lounging with bottomless milk.  The life!!!

"Mommy, I put a toy up my nose," landed us at the doctor's office:

On cloud nine to see her pediatrician as always.  Really!!???

I'd much rather be checking out the new HomeGoods store across the way:

 They sent us over to an ENT doctor.  It was SCARY:

I MEAN really SCARY!!!

New T-shirt to add to David's THIRTY-some Pet Shop Boys fan club/concert cotton drawer:

Lauren's 3rd birthday at Kidspace Museum:

Kidspace Museum

Do you think we'd rather be at Coachella?? No Way!!

Kidspace Museum

He called this thing a "robo-saurus":

Lauren and her family always throw the BEST parties!!

Kidspace Museum

Skipped church again.  Made up for it by doing Lental devotions led by Truman himself:

First time using Rub 'n Buff.  I like it!

Rub 'n Buff

Second time doing drop-off at a birthday party.  I DON'T like it (sniff, sniff):


Pretty Edgy by Essie:

Scissors and paper while I cook dinner:

Spring brings anticipation:

Egg dying:

The metallic rose/gold kind:

and so much LIGHT!!!

Happy "bright" weekend!

April 06, 2014

This week in pictures | Mar 31-April 6, 2014

Grew up in Beverly Hills and can't believe this is my first picnic/hike at Tree People:

Tree People, Beverly Hills

Portia is doing well without the stroller:

Tree People, Beverly Hills

Streams still exist in L.A.:

Tree People, Beverly Hills

Appreciating sun spangles:

Tree People, Beverly Hills

while Presley takes a break:

Tree People, Beverly Hills

Beam me up!

Tree People, Beverly Hills

"Look what I found Mama!":

Tree People, Beverly Hills

Aiming for a ferocious lion.  Looks more like a cowardly lion:

Hard hat zone:

Welcome to Mom's Day where together you will design a bird house:

and enjoy some strawberry shortcake:

Decorate a pot (or two!):

and plant your flowers:

Portia picked Begonias for us:

Dreaming about a castle in the clouds:

Very wet aftermath:

We interrupted my Dad's weekly mahjong club meeting:

to raid his storage unit.  I walked away with two bags of my Mom's retro clothing and a night stand for Portia's room!

This is the moment where you wish you shouldn't have:

David's Lego loot:

Witnessed two miracles.  Truman receiving his Bible and David coming to church with us!!

Happy "blessed" weekend!

April 04, 2014

Picture perfect bloopers

I've made it known in the past how gut-wrenching and painful our photo sessions are.  I snap till my finger falls off in hopes of getting just one good one.  Lately I've stopped stressing and started embracing the experience.  I know, I know.  I should be avoiding it at all cost especially with my lack of photography skills and just hire a professional already.

But I love that these pictures express the kids exactly as they are on this day, at this age during this time. I want the kids to remember themselves as fun, goofy, loud, and crazy (sounds much like our life now!).  I'm not denying that snazzier locations and colorful props would help enhance their beauty.  But this is who they are not some perfectly posed moment surrounded by a perfectly staged background.

So...let's begin with a spring photo shoot taken on a Sunday morning when we had to be at church five minutes ago.  Timing is my greatest strength:

6:30 pm evening walk with the sun still upon us gave opportunity for a bright photo session.  Not knowing till after I viewed the pictures did the ugly, old, gray, Jack and the giant-like beanstalk trunk appear. Clearly, I have an eye for detail:

Finally, the luck of the Irish was with me when they wore green making for an ideal St. Patrick's Day photo session.  Throw in a Stetson for a lone ranger meets little leprechaun theme.  Mixing trends is so now. Presley is on to something:

They may never take direction well but at least they'll always stay true to who they are.  However, I may need to help them mind their manners longer than expected.