October 01, 2017

While dad's away, the kids will drive mom cray cray

David left me to man the house and brew my own coffee for six days.  He was in Canada for business and although, him working long hours and frequently traveling for work has been our way of life, on and off, for the past 15 years, it still feels yucky.  It never gets easy when he has to get on a plane.

Overall, the kids were relatively good.  Everyone pulled their own weight knowing what the repercussions of disobeying me would be once David got back.  Not pretty.

On Day 1 of missing David, a group of us went to a men's soccer game at UCLA.

UCLA men's soccer

August 13, 2017

This week in pictures | week 8 & 9 of summer

I did it! I captured not our whole summer story but highlights that span over 9 weeks of free-spirited days filled with sticky mouths, sandy car mats, and chuckling children all around.  We haven't been happy like this since summer of 2016!

So here it is, our last photo montage of summer (I got lazy during week 8 so there isn't a separate post 😜):

Working on a silhouettes project.

diy silhouettes

July 09, 2017

This week in pictures | week 4 of summer

Here's our photo montage of week 4:

I made faux Mojitos.  It's cocktail hour at the Huis!

faux mojitos for those who don't drink alcohol

June 25, 2017

This week in pictures | week 2 of summer

I'm doing a lot better since finishing my Z pack.  Doing nothing, just to rest, is a hard task being the start of summer and all.  I've rescheduled coffee plans. Postponed play dates. Skipped beach day Tuesdays.  In fact, the only person I let in the house this week was the pest exterminator.

On the other hand, it's relaxing being effortless.  See where the day takes you kinda mindset is nice for a change.

And so, here's our photo montage of week 2:

Father's Day brunch at Joe's Cafe right after the Wonder Woman matinee!

June 17, 2017

This week in pictures | week 1 of summer

I was so sick this week.

But it didn't stop me from surrendering to our first week of escapades. Summer brings out the late-morning risers in us Huis so although I've been infected the kids have let me roll out of bed at a decent hour.  Plus the fact that we are all so freak'n happy has contributed to my positive recovery.

And so...our photo montage of week 1:

Park day fix before the heat wave sets in.

June 11, 2017

May 28, 2017

Mother of all holidays

Finally got a chance to post my favorite memories from Mother's Day starting with three words every Mom wants to hear on Mother's Day - I am sorry.