August 23, 2015

This week in pictures | Aug 17-23, 2015

It's kids are back at school!

Back to school

One bus drop-off.  One bus pick-up.  Waaahooooo!!!

Passing notes.  Translation: Daddy told me to brush my teeth so I forgot about this apple - From Truman

Her first day and no tears!!!!

I missed them so much:

I even made banana bread for their afternoon snack:

Banana Bread

I started without them.  I hope they don't mind:

Banana Bread

Lots of spandex:

Waiting for Truman to finish up golf:

Los Feliz Cafe at Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course

David can fix (almost)anything:

He bought me new gardening gloves.  They're so ME!!

She did it:

Presley was chosen "Scholar of the week"!

He couldn't contain his excitement:

Tinker time:

Feeling HIGH:

and HAPPY in Moorpark:

Girl's day:

at America's Teaching Zoo:

She gets into character:

Clarence is 95 years old!!

I LOVE puns:

Meanwhile, in Pasadena:

These two are in convention heaven:

It's Brick Fest Live! which means all things Lego (and Star Wars!):

Kids and vending machines.  That's one pair I get:

Quick stop to pick up my favorite Hazelnut Latte!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Finally, my best home cooked eats of the week is my slow cooker pulled pork with hoisin sauce and sesame seeds:

Till next week! But for now see what we were up to...

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August 16, 2015

This week in pictures | Aug 10-16, 2015

Took the wild animals to the park:

Triple digit temps don't scare us:

She saw, see saw:

Color wall experience in warm:


and neutral:

One way to test your patience:




Public school here we come:

Tuition-free will be niiiiice:

Bunny ears is her new thing:

He's over it:

Need for speed:

Homemade Japanese crack:

Bottled up for my birthday besties:

We pampered our toes, grabbed lunch, and talked about Chinese zodiac compatibility:

Bubbly experiment:

Science with friends is fun!

Last swim before back-to-school:

Finally, my best home cooked eats of the week is my chicken fajitas/burritos/taco all wrapped up in a flour tortilla!!

Till next week! But for now see what we were up to...

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