July 01, 2015

Fly the nest

Truman turns nine in thirteen days! Crazeeeee! Soon my babies will be fleeing the nest.

chicks in a birds nest

I will probably suffer from empty nest syndrome...for five days...then transform the boys room into my walk-in closet and turn Portia's room into a LEGO play space for David.  And after all the interior decorating is done, David and I will TRAVEL...ALONE!

The kids are not the only ones with future plans.

June 28, 2015

This week in pictures | June 22-28, 2015

The boys started summer school this week:

They're so happy in summer.  ME TOO!

So I let them get away with A LOT:

This includes video games: 

Portia started her art class and made me stay with her for twenty minutes:

On the second day, she brought Soft Baby and made me stay for only 10 minutes:

On the third day, she let me go after five minutes.  We continue to work through her separation anxiety:

Joanna and I had a lovely therapy session.  She gave me a yummy prescription:

Truman is teaching me how to play chess this summer.  I have no interest in learning.  Don't tell him:

Thank you to whoever left breakfast for us on our front tree.  We like Kix too:


One in a melon:

She makes me want to cut bangs:


Captain America build at Lowe's:

Truman is so good at assembling parts.  He definitely gets this from David:

They are so much a like.  They are both lefties and perform awkward dance moves:



Terribly wrong:



Family jewels:

Family dinner.  I love summer afternoons when we swim all day then head out to an early dinner:

Good night summer:

Till next week! XO!!

June 21, 2015

This week in pictures | June 15-21, 2015

Childhood favorite, peanut butter and honey on toast:

Monsieur Fry:

Kids bowl free!!

David takes us out to yummy Japanese dinners when we visit him at work:

But first, hostile takeover:

Her Spideys:

Board room meeting:

Presley said he wants to have dinner in a tatami room.  I'm going to make that happen:

Leftovers that no one wants to eat.  We are an anti-bread ends/heel/crust family.

I get excited when I use fresh herbs from my little garden:

I can't put to much parsley in because if the kids see it, they won't eat it:

Back at the Discovery Cube but in O.C.!!

The new water gallery is pretty cool:

Working on a new food art idea:

Shopping for David's father's day gift is exhausting:

Truman in the east:

Presley in the west.  I got so sunburned!!

My kids always make the best cards for us:

Simple father's day breakfast:

Dinner at my sisters! She always makes the best salads!!

My daddy is cute!

Happy Father's Day weekend!

Till next week! XO!!

Happy Father's Day

There are three things I DON'T do: iron, bbq, and touch craw fish.  So today, I celebrate the man who irons my clothes, peels my shrimp, and puts meat on the grill.  If we're being real, he's a better husband than father.  And that's o.k. by me.  He puts me first, loves me first. That's the best gift he can show and give our kids:

Back when we were dating he stole my heart and sealed the deal when he said he wanted five kids too.  We only made it to three, thus far.  He never said they couldn't have four feet.

So before he has to make that long commute tomorrow morning to go off to an industry he's worked tirelessly at to support a family, I love you, appreciate you, and see everything you do for us...Happy 8 years of Father's Days!

June 14, 2015

This week in pictures | June 8-14, 2015

Marshmallow pancakes because school's out:

marshmallow pancakes

Jackson and Aidan spent all day with us...mostly outside.





False start:


We joined the Library Reading Club again.  They read a lot but we never ever complete the form to collect prizes.  Maybe this summer since there's a chance to win Disneyland tickets:

Mornings have been quiet:

Portrait of a sister:

Combat in sand:

Ariel view of Truman's Lego #$@*&%!?

First check-off summer's bucket list, Discovery Cube L.A.:

Discovery Cube L.A.

It was so fun!

Discovery Cube L.A.

We even bought a family membership!!

Discovery Cube L.A.

Portion control:

Excessive.  Girls night at Anna's apartment.  We made sushi!

The kids miss me when I go out at night because I'm not there to tuck them in.  They always climb into my bed the next morning and are very chatty:

Plant talk with Beverly:

Peaceful state of mind:

Meet my new friends, tomato, parsley, and basil:

Our car sits six:

"Hi Mama!!"

Can't get better than this:

Till next week! XO!!